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stan lee

stan lee Spidey’s official name has a hyphen—“Spider-Man.” Know why? When I first dreamed him up I didn’t want anyone confusing him with
5:01 PM Feb 24th
stan lee While FOOM was growing I became Marvel's publisher and didn't have time to tend it. It sort of just faded away-- like poor Willie Lumpkin.
5:41 PM Feb 18th
stan lee The Mighty Thor will follow Iron Man. Directed by Mighty Kenneth Branaugh and starring Mighty Chris Hemsworth. It opens 5/5/11, Mightily
4:11 PM Feb 8th
stan lee Many of my loyal Brigadiers are asking about the upcoming Marvel movies. Your Generalissimo hears you! So stand at ease as I now reply…
4:06 PM Feb 8th
stan lee Civilians who think these tweets are meant to titillate and amuse, suspect not the hidden messages known only to my waiting warriors
8:18 PM May 17th
stan lee Our Non-Aggression Pact has been dispatched to the enemy! Whate’er his response, we stand at the ready! Tis in the lap of the gods!
8:45 PM Mar 31st
stan lee Be thou stout of heart, my Brigadiers. Thy Generalissimo hath returned from far-off Seattle to lead thee past life’s pitfalls once again
1:33 PM Mar 14th
stan lee I was asked: Is Irving Forbush a Brigadier? (Don't know him? Ask any Marvel fan) Of course! He's a Warrent Officer for Mail Delivery.
11:45 AM Mar 28th
stan lee Anyway, if Kevin Feige and Marvel’s mavens read what I wrote, maybe I’ll get TWO cameos in Cap’s movie!
7:10 PM Mar 24th
stan lee No word yet from the feckless forces of CraigyFerg. One can imagine the fear and panic that is assuredly pervading their hapless ranks
6:35 PM Apr 15th
stan lee Your beloved Generalissimo valiantly prevented a planet-wide conflagration by daring to make peace with the Robot Skeleton army!
3:13 PM Jun 10th
stan lee Surprisingly, things got a bit heavy when I requested the rules for starting a new nation. I was told I had to go to a special department
7:36 PM Feb 6th
stan lee If you wonder why I have chosen such a subject-- know you this— nothing better confounds thy foes than a change of pace! Excelsior!
6:15 PM Apr 26th
stan lee Be patient, Brigadiers. Marvel, Disney and POW! have wonderment awaiting you. And your Generalissimo hasn’t lost a battle yet! Excelsior
12:22 PM Feb 9th
stan lee After that brilliant intro, I need a great follow-up. Here’s an item: Don’t wanna worry you, but haven’t been called for my Thor cam
7:36 PM Feb 4th
stan lee And now, my brave Brigadiers, let the crush of volunteers begin! Truly, they shall do us proud, for are ye not their models? Excelsior
5:32 PM Feb 27th
stan lee Finding a resplendent Brigadier, approach with caution and softly express your desire to join the heroic ranks of the wise and the wondrous
5:27 PM Feb 27th
stan lee Even as ye read these classicly crafted phrases, my expeditionary forces are probing oceans and deserts in search of thy Utopia-to-be!
6:29 PM Apr 29th
stan lee It’s not easy to focus on world-saving matters when I’m involved with getting an Oscar for my cameos and with spelling the word “comic
5:21 PM Mar 16th
stan lee But, to be serious for a second, (not easy for me!) the movie looks GREAT—despite my cameo! You’re gonna LOVE it! Excelsior!
7:16 PM Mar 4th

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